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The Study Of Effective Factors On Customer Loyalty (12035 Downloads)
A Survey About The Effect Of Relationship Marketing On Customer Loyalty By ERM Model (A Case Study: Mellat Insurance Company) (11346 Downloads)
رتبه‌بندی فنون تصمیم‌گیری چندشاخصه MADM با استفاده از برخی روش‌های تصمیم‌گیری چندمعیاره در محیط فازی و مقایسه آن با رتبه‌بندی به روش DEA (9643 Downloads)
The Explanation Of The Relationship Between Information Systems And Middle Managers' Decision Making Process In Private Banking System (8910 Downloads)
Surveying The Effect Of Brand Equity On Consumers’ Responses (7530 Downloads)
بررسی آمادگی سازمانی جهت پیاده سازی نظام مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری (مورد مطالعه : شرکت تراکتورسازی ایران) (7148 Downloads)
Surveying the Influence of Brand Charac-teristics Conformity, Perceived Quality, and Brand View on Loyalty to Brand (6953 Downloads)
بررسی عوامل موثر بر توسعه زیر ساخت های دولت الکترونیک در بخش بازرگانی ایران (6856 Downloads)
Identifying Effective influency Variables And Ratios on Measuring the Bank Branches Efficiency (6677 Downloads)
Marketing Strategic Planning and Selecting Suitable Strategy by Using AHP Technique (Ahwaz Pipe Factory) (6163 Downloads)
The Influence of Electronic Marketing on Export Performance: Exemplary Exporters of Industrial Sector Selected during 2000-2005 (6160 Downloads)
Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction Considering The Role Of The Perceived Service Value (6128 Downloads)
Examining The Influence Of Quality Of Working Life On The Functionality Of Employees In Isfahan Province Government And Introducing A Comprehensive Pattern (5416 Downloads)
Studying The Effect Of Accepting Information Technology On Organizational Agility (5372 Downloads)
A Study of the Impact of Information Technology on SMEs’ Agility (5358 Downloads)
Providing Synthetic Data Mining Model Using Association Rules and Clustering for Determining Discounting Strategy (Case Study: Pegah Distribution Co.) (5229 Downloads)
The Effective Factors On Stocks Price Index Using Fuzzy Approach In Tehran Stock Exchange (5218 Downloads)
Employee Retention: An Investigation On The Influencing Factors (5163 Downloads)
The Role of Intellectual Capital in Competitive Advantage (A Case Study on Two Automobile Maker Companies in Iran) (4957 Downloads)
Evaluating the Effect of Changes in Exchange Rate and Inflation on Return of Stocks in Companies Operating in Margarine Industry Accepted in Tehran Stocks Exchange (4741 Downloads)
A Method for Modified Inconsistency in AHP (4698 Downloads)
The Study of the Barriers and Problems Related to Implementing MIS: Case Study in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex (4666 Downloads)
تعیین عوامل مرتبط با قصد خرید در تجارت الکترونیکی (مطالعه موردی: شرکت قطارهای مسافری رجاء) (4412 Downloads)
Modeling Dynamics of a Queuing System Using System Dynamics Approach (4277 Downloads)
طراحی و تبیین الگوی کنترل استراتژیک سازمان‌های فرهنگی کشور (4224 Downloads)
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Decision Making Styles (4119 Downloads)
Reform Strategy in Iranian Public Sector: Is The New Public Management a Proper Strategy? (4093 Downloads)
Assumptions And Values Of Islamic Organizational Culture: (3891 Downloads)
Designing And Studying An Interactive Model Of Strategic Approach, Organizational Culture And Environment (3773 Downloads)
تاثیر انعطاف پذیری زیرساختارهای فناوری اطلاعات بر مزیت رقابتی و عملکرد سازمان (3760 Downloads)
ارتقاء اعتماد عمومی به سازمان‌های دولتی: تبیین نقش متغیر مداخله‌گر رضایتمندی شهروندان (3758 Downloads)
The Application Of Cash Flow Ratios In Appraising The Financial Perfor-mance Of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (3714 Downloads)
The Influence of Employees’ Perception of Organizational Justice on their Organizational Identification (3645 Downloads)
Teacher's Job Satisfaction and Their Organizational Commitment (3639 Downloads)
A Survey on the Relationship Between E-Commerce and Customer Behavior (3591 Downloads)
An Investigation of the Effective Factors on Consumers’ Tendency to Purchase from Virtual Shops (Case Study: Alldigital Virtual Shop) (3553 Downloads)
Diagnosing And Prioritizing Influential Factors in Holding Companies Establishment In Islamic Republic of Iran from the Viewpoint of Managers (3551 Downloads)
A Study on the Effectiveness of on-the-Job Training for Employees in the Islamic Revolution Martyr Organiza-tion (IRMO) (3483 Downloads)
Effective Factors on the Success of Iran Export Companies (3393 Downloads)
بررسی رابطه روش‌های ارزیابی عملکرد با بهبود عملکرد کارکنان (3382 Downloads)
Study of Pricing Strategies and Their Re-lation to Marketing Capabilities in Indus-trial Companies (3359 Downloads)
Presenting A Conceptual Model For The Acceptance Of ERP In The Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (3354 Downloads)
Analyzing and Explaining the Organizational Culture’s Interactions with Organizational Commitment of Employees (Case Study: Milk Industry Organization of Iran) (3297 Downloads)
The Relationship between Workplace Spirituality and Employees’ Empowerment (3251 Downloads)
Effect Of Information Technology Infrastructure Flexibility On Competitive Advantage And Organizational Performance (3221 Downloads)
The Study Of Effective Factors On Abnormal Short-Term Return In New Listed Companies In Tehran Stock Exchange (3164 Downloads)
Surveying the Impact of Customer Value Co-creation Behavior on Provision of In-novative Services inside the Organization: Describing Citizenship Behavior and Col-laborative Behavior Role (3129 Downloads)
بررسی ارتباط عوامل تشکیل دهنده بازاریابی رابطه‌مند با وفاداری مشتریان (3128 Downloads)
Examination of Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Organiza-tional Citizenship Behavior: A Case Study of Fars Gas Company (3115 Downloads)
Investigating the Factors Which Influence the Success and Failure in the Application of IT in Governmental Organizations of Industrial Provinces in Iran (2991 Downloads)
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