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Employee Retention: An Investigation On The Influencing Factors (24987 Views)
رتبه‌بندی فنون تصمیم‌گیری چندشاخصه MADM با استفاده از برخی روش‌های تصمیم‌گیری چندمعیاره در محیط فازی و مقایسه آن با رتبه‌بندی به روش DEA (22829 Views)
Total Quality Management (TQM) in Iran's Insurance Industry and Proposing an Optimal Model (22047 Views)
The Influence of Electronic Marketing on Export Performance: Exemplary Exporters of Industrial Sector Selected during 2000-2005 (20525 Views)
The Model of Relations between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Com-mitment with Emotional Exhaustion, Intention to Turn-over and Deviant Behaviors (20194 Views)
Measuring the Effectiveness of the Clients Honour in Public Sector Using Gap Analysis Model (A Case Study on the: Yazd Telecommunication Co) (19829 Views)
A Survey on the Relationship Between E-Commerce and Customer Behavior (19163 Views)
The Study Of Effective Factors On Customer Loyalty (18958 Views)
A Survey About The Effect Of Relationship Marketing On Customer Loyalty By ERM Model (A Case Study: Mellat Insurance Company) (18084 Views)
Examining the Effects of Different Financing Methods on Stock Price and Corporations Return in Tehran Stock Exchange (17690 Views)
Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction Considering The Role Of The Perceived Service Value (17479 Views)
Evaluating the Effect of Changes in Exchange Rate and Inflation on Return of Stocks in Companies Operating in Margarine Industry Accepted in Tehran Stocks Exchange (17365 Views)
Analyzing and Explaining the Organizational Culture’s Interactions with Organizational Commitment of Employees (Case Study: Milk Industry Organization of Iran) (17152 Views)
Examination of Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Organiza-tional Citizenship Behavior: A Case Study of Fars Gas Company (16904 Views)
Designing Personnel Evaluation in Banking System: Using AHP (16618 Views)
The Presentation and Clarification (16402 Views)
Providing Productivity Improve-ment Model stressing on the Role of Information Technology (Case: Housing and Urban Development Organizations of Provinces) (15841 Views)
A Comparative Study on the Influencing Factors Dominating the Customers’ State/private Bank Choice (15549 Views)
Designing an Expert Decision Making System in Career Planning: The Case of Banking System (15447 Views)
The Application Of Cash Flow Ratios In Appraising The Financial Perfor-mance Of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (15236 Views)
Designing and Defining an Organizational Communication Model in Entrepreneurship Process (Focus on Distribution Industry) (14330 Views)
The Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Entrepreneurship (A Case Study: Ministry of Industries and Mines) (14304 Views)
Study and Explanation of the Behavioral and Cultural Factors Influencing the Documentation of Managers Experiences and its Mechanism (14061 Views)
Study of the Infect Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction.(In Scientific Research Center Affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in Tehran) (13898 Views)
Presentation of the Model to Determine the Capital Expenditures of Listed Companies in TSE Using Accounting Information (13814 Views)
Teacher's Job Satisfaction and Their Organizational Commitment (13721 Views)
A Study on the Relationship Between Managers' Leadership Styles and the Employee Job Stress, with an Emphasis on Character Variances as an Intervention Variable (13586 Views)
Analysis of Relationship Between Quality Earning and Stock Returns for the Comparies Listed in Tehran SE (13385 Views)
Modeling Employees' Performance Appraisal Using Expert Systems (13281 Views)
A Study on the Relationship between Organizations Tension and Employees Interest in Turnover in Government Organizations (13169 Views)
Marketing Strategic Planning and Selecting Suitable Strategy by Using AHP Technique (Ahwaz Pipe Factory) (13025 Views)
The Study of the Effective Factors on the Customers’ Selection of a State Bank (A Case Study in Isfahan) (13008 Views)
Mathematical Modeling in Supply Chain Network (in Iranian Auto Manufacturing Industry) (12904 Views)
Designing a Model for the Managers' Organizational Experiences and Verifying the Relative Components (12689 Views)
A Survey of the Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Business Excellence (12680 Views)
Stock Holders’ Decision Making (12649 Views)
The Role of Intellectual Capital in Competitive Advantage (A Case Study on Two Automobile Maker Companies in Iran) (12597 Views)
Survey of Employees' Organizational Citizenship Behavior Effect on Cus-tomers' Loyalty Rate (12050 Views)
Governmental Organization (11993 Views)
Designing a Model for Effective Academic Leadership (11980 Views)
The Correlation Between Super Personal Relationship And Organizational Commitment (11842 Views)
Analysis of the Effects of Internal Organizational Factors on Banking Deposits (11765 Views)
A Fuzzy Approach to Designing a Decision Making Model (11703 Views)
Productivity Measuring in Companies by Date Envelopment Analysis (DEA) (11683 Views)
Performance Evaluation of Organization Emphasizing Quality Prizes Criteria – DEA Approach (11610 Views)
The Effect of Employment Type on Human Resources' Productivity, A Case Study in Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Min-istry of Petroleum (11383 Views)
A Study on the Effectiveness of on-the-Job Training for Employees in the Islamic Revolution Martyr Organiza-tion (IRMO) (11139 Views)
Examining the Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction in Shahed University Employees (11054 Views)
The Effects of Organizational Cul-ture on Knowledge Management (A Case Study: Industries and Mines Ministry) (11003 Views)
Investigating the Relation between Culture, Approach and Organiza-tional Behavior in Faculty Members of University (A Case Study: Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman) (10966 Views)
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