Prevention of Brand Performance Decline with Emphasis on the Role of Social Responsibility



In a highly competitive environment today, maintaining and developing a market share is the result of brand performance. Suppliers need branding and brand management to play a role in preventing their decline from their rivals, which plays an important role in addressing social responsibility and accountability. In this article, the question arises as to whether social responsibility of suppliers can lead to the promotion of brand equity and brand performance, or, in other words, to prevent their decline. Research variables have been investigated from the point of view of managers and purchasing experts of industrial townships (group of machinery and electrical appliances) in Shiraz. To test the research hypotheses, structural equation modeling based on partial least squares method was used. The results of data analysis showed that social responsibility of suppliers has a positive effect on brand value as well as on brand performance. Social responsibility has a positive effect on brand performance through brand equity. As a result, domestic suppliers can use research findings to prevent the decline and bring about the  promotion of brand equity and brand performance in domestic and international industrial markets.